Gondola Ride

Gondola ride is one of the offbeat things to do in Kashmir for all ages. The gondola trip provides a unique perspective of Kashmir's breathtaking beauty. It is the most popular activity for visitors to the valley, whether they are families, loving couples, or adventure seekers. Gulmarg's gondola ride Kashmir is Asia's highest and longest ropeway. Travelers are enchanted by this thrilling experience, which is also the world's second highest and longest.

It transports over 600 people to and from the Apharwat mountain, a popular winter sports destination in Gulmarg, in two parts. Expert winter sports participants use a chairlift, which was introduced in phase 3. People usually limit themselves to the first two phases.

Phase 1 brings travelers from the base station to Kongdoori, a porcelain bowl-shaped location with large fields of snow-covered trees, in roughly 9 minutes.

Phase 2 takes almost 12 hours to complete. People are transported from Kongdoori to the shoulder of Apharwat peak, where they acquire an elevation of approximately 2952 feet.

The clouds are so dense at each of these locations that you feel as if you're standing on them. With Gulmarg tour packages, you need not limit yourself just to Gondola. Along the journey, you may see many other Gulmarg tourist places such as Nanda Devi, the Pir Panjal Mountain range, and the Line of Control. The thrill of being suspended in the air at an elevation of 13,450 feet with nothing between you and the valley below save the safety of a Gondola car is an experience you must have. You can learn more about where to stay and dine in the Valley by visiting jktdc gulmarg.