Shikara Ride

Shikaras are classic Gondola-style long, light rowing boats that pack the Srinagar Lakes and are considered a cultural emblem. They have a mesmerizing aspect to them, and they are a dream come true for everyone who has been yearning for some quiet moments in the midst of nature's bewitching scenery.

Board a Shikara, lay back and let the boatman take you away from the fuss of urban life. Relax as the gentle ripples and curling waves of the boatman's oar generate gentle ripples and curling waves on the calm seas. Touch the calm sea surface with your palm and follow Shikara's motion.

The fast movements of Shikara on the wide lakes, accompanied by panoramic views of the surrounding countryside, restore an old-world elegance and provide a unique approach to appreciate Kashmir's splendor. The allure of this relaxing trip reaches its pinnacle around sunrise and sunset, when the view is one to remember.

Dal and Nigeen Lakes are home to these wooden boats with pointy tips on both ends and colourful canopies overhead. Shikaras are also utilized for transportation, fishing, and seaweed harvesting, as well as serving as floating markets.