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Sonamarg - The Meadow of Gold

The Greater Himalayan mountains host a delightful marvel known as Sonamarg. The Sonamarg Valley falls among the most picturesque and famous places to visit in Kashmir. Located around 90 kilometres away ( a 2.5-hour drive) from the capital city Srinagar, the valley sits between naked and tough Himalayan peaks.

The Sonamarg Valley is often called as the ‘Meadow of Gold.’ Many ascribe this name to the mountains in the area that appear golden at the time of sunrise and sunset. Sonamarg Kashmir is bisected by the Sindh River, hosting lots of magnificent species of trout fish. Sonamarg Valley boasts dense forests, verdant meadows and pastures, pristine streams and alpine lakes.

Surprisingly, the only route towards Ladakh, starting from the Kashmir Valley is no other than Sonamarg Kashmir. The famous but notorious pass of Zojila makes way for the Ladakh region. Sonamarg Valley also serves as the base camp for the Amarnath Yatra, leading to the sacred cave of the Hindus.

Some top places to visit in Sonmarg include Thajwas Glacier, Sindh River, Baltal Valley, Zojila Pass and Zero Point. Sonamarg Kashmir presents stunning natural environs and amazing opportunities for sightseeing, adventure, and photography. Sonamarg leads to many heavenly trekking destinations, making it famous among the trekking community. The trek to the largest alpine lake in Kashmir, the Gangabal Lake, starts from the Sonamarg Valley.


  • Private transfer: Have a swift journey with freedom of time. Prices start from 2300 INR.
  • Self-Drive: Hire a vehicle of your choice and roam freely. Prices start from 2500 INR
  • Bike ride: Enjoy a bike ride to Sonamarg Kashmir.
  • Public transport: You can reach Sonamarg through various public transport in around 200-400 INR.

Day Trip

  • ● Take in the scenery.
  • ● Click lots of pictures.
  • ● Soothe near the Sindh River.
  • ● Try white water rafting
  • ● Ride a pony.

Two to Three-Day Trip

  • ● Relax in the picturesque landscape.
  • ● Hang out near the Sindh River.
  • ● Try rafting, horse riding and camping.
  • ● Trek to Thajwas glacier.
  • ● Visit the Baltal Valley.
  • ● Chillout at the Zero Point.

Best Time To Visit

  • ● Gushing rivers and green landscape.
  • ● Bright sunny days and fresh air.
  • ● Favorable temperature: 14°C-30°C


  • ● Landscape dotted with wildflowers.
  • ● Fresh and fragrant air.
  • ● Warm temperature: 12°C-23°C


  • ● Snow-laden meadows.
  • ● Cold temperature: -12°C-8°C


  • ● Enjoy the calm surroundings and scenic beauty of Sonamarg Valley.
  • ● Visit the serene Thajwas Glacier.
  • ● Savour the local cuisine.
  • ● Capture the Sonamarg Kashmir landscape in your memories.
  • ● Relax near the majestic Sindh River.
  • ● Shop for souvenirs at the Sonamarg Market.
  • ● Dare to pass the Zojila.
  • ● Stay at extravagant accommodations in the Sonamarg Valley.
  • ● Unlock adventure with horse riding, river rafting, skiing, camping and more.

Things to Do in Sonamarg

  • ● Sightseeing: Enjoy amazing vistas in the landscape of Sonamarg Kashmir.
  • ● Horse Riding: Ride on a horseback for a unique experience and easy navigation.
  • ● Trekking: Trek to majestic alpine lakes in the vicinity of the Sonamarg Valley.
  • ● Camping: Camp in some of the best camping locations in Kashmir.
  • ● River Rafting: Ride on the waves of the Sindh River.
  • ● Skiing: Have an offbeat skiing experience in Sonamarg Kashmir.
  • ● ATV Ride: Have a fun ride in the mountainous landscape of the Sonamarg Valley.
  • ● Fishing: Catch the exotic trout fish in the Sindh River.

Places to Visit in Sonamarg