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The green pastures of Yousmarg EXPLORE NOW
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Herd of sheep grazing in the meadows of Yousmarg EXPLORE NOW
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Chrar-e-Sharief, one of the oldest shrines of Kashmir EXPLORE NOW
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A brook swishing in picturesque Sang-e-Safed valley EXPLORE NOW

Yousmarg - The Meadow of Jesus

Famously known as the Meadow of Jesus, Yousmarg lies in the Pir Panjal range of the Western Himalayas. Being only around 45 kilometres (a 1.5-hour drive) from the state capital, Srinagar, the place is renowned for having one of the largest alpine meadows in Kashmir.

Yousmarg forms an untouched piece of heavenly land, tucked between the tall and mighty peaks of the Pir Panjal. Showcasing its vast grasslands, pristine streams, exotic wildlife, tribal hamlets and dense coniferous forests, Yousmarg justifies itself as the ‘Meadow of Jesus.’

The story behind the name, ‘Meadow of Jesus’ is pretty simple. The locals of the area believe the meadow to be among the places visited by Prophet ‘Jesus’ during his lifetime. Now, there has been found no evidence of the back story but surely the name fits with the charming surroundings of the place. So heavenly that one would forget to return back home.

Yousmarg remains a less explored place in Kashmir due to various reasons. One reason for the low tourist flow is claimed by the lack of necessities and accommodations for travellers. This should not be disappointing though for nature lovers who like the raw form of beauty. Where other famous destinations in Kashmir have witnessed numerous landscape changes and environmental damage, Yousmarg remains unspoiled and young.

The major river in Yousmarg is the Doodhganga River, having milky water that brushes up the beauty of the landscape. There are tribal huts of the Gujjar and Bakerwal tribes. These huts are made of wood and mud that provide a unique experience of staying at the location. Yousmarg hosts in its vicinity, some revered peaks in Kashmir such as Sunset Peak and Tattakoti Peak. Many trekking spots near Yousmarg are among the favourites of the trekking community.


  • Private transfer: Have a swift journey with freedom of time. Prices start from 2300 INR.
  • Self-Drive: Hire a vehicle of your choice and roam freely. Prices start from 2500 INR
  • Bike ride: Enjoy a bike ride up to the meadow of Yousmarg.
  • Public transport: You can reach Yousmarg through various public transport in around 200-400 INR.

Day Trip

  • ● Take in the scenery.
  • ● Click lots of pictures.
  • ● Soothe near the Doodhganga River.
  • ● Pony Ride.
  • ● Try paragliding.

Two to Three-Day Trip

  • ● Relax in the vast meadows.
  • ● Hang out near the Doodhganga River.
  • ● Try paragliding, mountain biking and camping.
  • ● Trek to nearby locations.
  • ● Have a Dhok stay.

Best Time To Visit

  • ● Lush green pastures and clear skies.
  • ● Gushing rivers full of water.
  • ● Pleasant temperature: 14°C-30°C


  • ● Flowery meadows and scented atmosphere.
  • ● Gushing rivers and streams.
  • ● Warm temperature: 12°C-23°C


  • ● Take in the scenic views in the silent atmosphere.
  • ● Soothe yourself near the pristine waters of the Doodhganga River.
  • ● Catch thrilling activities of paragliding, trekking and mountain biking.
  • ● Explore the tribal culture of Kashmir in the Dhoks (tribal mudhouses).
  • ● Have a cosy stay in the small huts in Yousmarg.
  • ● Photograph yourself with the shepherds amid the serene landscape.

Places to Visit in Yousmarg

  • ● Doodhganga River: The milky stream of clear water, flowing through the landscape of Yousmarg.
  • ● Nilnag Lake: Beautiful freshwater lake surrounded by dense forests.
  • ● Chrari Shareef: One of the most revered and sacred spots for Kashmiri people. The shrine remains colourful and cheering with devotees.
  • ● Sang-e-Safed Valley: A high-altitude, tranquil valley amid snow-laden peaks of the Pir Panjal range.
  • ● Tosa Maidan: One of the largest meadows of Kashmir. This heavenly destination forms an offbeat trekking paradise.

Things to Do In Yousmarg

Best Places to Visit in Yoursmarg